Smarter for business

For a changing world, we’ve designed the most efficient platform for accessing new revenue opportunities. With optimized seating configurations, the E-Jets E2 take the proven heritage of the E-Jets and evolve it to deliver the most efficient aircraft family in the 70–130+ seat segment.


Lowest operational cost

The E-Jets E2 have the lowest operational costs in the segment, in any fuel price scenario.

Simple transition

The E2 family have a pilot type rating common across the in-service E-Jet fleet to minimize training and transition costs.

Proven value

The E-Jets E2 are built on the proven efficiencies of the E-Jet Family, which offer 35% higher residual values than other aircraft in the segment.

Smart aftersales

An established aftersales service, alongside a global maintenance network, minimize operating costs and maximize utilization.


Increased opportunity

The E-Jets E2 have an optimized range to open up new routes and revenue streams for the next generation airline fleet.