Smarter by design

To evolve the world’s most loved single-aisle aircraft family, the E-Jets, to address the challenges that today’s airlines face, we took everything that made the E-Jets successful and re-imagined it. From nose-to-tail, inside and out, our innovative design features come together to offer all of the ingenuity of a clean-sheet design, whilst retaining all of the benefits of a proven platform.


Maximized efficiency

Innovative wing design, smarter use of materials and optimized performance for maximized efficiency. The outcome is the most fuel-efficient aircraft in its segment.

Proven heritage

The E2 has been designed with the accumulated expertise and experience of the universally proven E-Jets family.

Increased reliability

E-Jets E2 have new standards of reliability built-in to offer greater operational efficiency.


Real-time diagnostics

E-Enabled E2 remote ahead-pro diagnostics reduce unscheduled service interruptions and allow preventative maintenance.

Optimal range

The E-Jets E2 have been designed to offer optimized range to cover more than 99.9% of routes within the segment, opening new revenue opportunities.