What is FleetSmart?

FleetSmart goes beyond the concept of right-sizing to deliver a complete fleet optimisation solution, putting the passenger experience at the heart of increased revenue opportunities.

Almost a decade ago we published ‘The Rule of 70–110’, a market leading argument for a lower seat count enabling carriers to rightsize their capacity to meet demand. We now believe that the market is set for another shift in its attitudes, with empowered passengers demanding greater levels of comfort whilst staying value-focused.

So what did we do?

Well, we designed the E-Jet family in order to address the challenges of right-sizing in the 70–110 seat segment and the family has been enormously successful, with over 1500 aircraft delivered to carriers all over the world. So we took the existing framework of the E-Jet family and analysed every single aspect, researching and developing solutions to optimise each and every nut, bolt, electronic system, passenger seat, cabin element from nose to tail. Working with an established aircraft family has allowed us to deliver clean-sheet improvements, with every small (and large) optimization contributing to reductions in operational cost, drag, weight, maintenance costs and fuel burn.

Energizing your passengers

Let’s start where your passengers will – with the experience of flying in a E2 family jet. Our next generation cabins have been designed in partnership with globally renowned industrial design agency PriestmanGoode. The award-winning interior design gives the feeling of a spacious, wide-bodied aircraft. With no middle seats, we’ve given each passenger an unprecedented level of personal space whilst maintaining capacity across the aircraft, delivering a flexible 0.5” pitch adjustment in economy to optimize cabin layouts. We’ve also worked to design an aircraft family that opens up the opportunity to offer a dual-class layout whilst retaining a single seat-track. Our staggered seating concept in business class is a first for the segment, and is just one of the many reasons that the E2 cabin concept was awarded the Crystal Cabin Award in the Industrial Design and Visionary Concepts category.

Maximizing your fleet performance

Outside of the cabin, we’ve continued to innovate and push the technological envelope. High aspect ratio wings contribute to double-digit lower fuel consumption compared to current-generation E-Jets, whilst Pratt & Whitney PurePower® Geared Turbofan engines (PW1700G on the E175-E2 and PW1900G on the E190-E2 and E195-E2) improve efficiency by reducing the number of stages and parts. Our wings and the Pratt & Whitney’s engines work in harmony, along with other advanced controls including 4th generation fly-by-wire controls, to create significant improvements, not only in fuel burn, but in maintenance costs, emissions and external noise.